Why Human Resources are Vital for Business
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Why Human Resources are Vital for Business

The concept of Human Resources is often forgotten or mistaken to the point that many smaller businesses do not see the need for a HM professional or department in their organisation.

However, this could be a large and ultimately very costly mistake on their part as there are a number of reasons why Human Resources are vital for businesses of all sizes and structures:

Staff Value

It’s all too easy for business manager to forget the value of their staff, especially if their role within the business doesn’t mean that they interact with their staff on a regular basis. However, having the use of a HR professional who not only acts as a conduit between business owner and their staff means that the value of the staff is never underestimated.

Budget Control

One of the reasons that many smaller businesses fail to open HR jobs in Surrey is because they are conscious of the effect that a highly qualified professional might have on their staffing budget. As a result, they may consider that it’s better to have a worker on the “shop floor” than someone in an office. However, the hiring of a HR professional can actually have a very positive effect on a budget as their knowledge can help to trim budgets, negotiate better rates for benefits which the company offers to their staff and can minimise the need for overspending on temporary staff and high-end salaries.

Conflict Resolution

When many people think of HR they immediately think of conflict and whilst it’s true that conflict management is a large aspect of the job done by HR jobs in Southampton, it’s not the only function. However, as workplace disputes will happen often, having a professional present who can manage that conflict, establish lines of communication between the parties and come to a peaceful resolution can not only ensure a more harmonious and productive workplace but can also negate the need for the matter to be taken any further.


Extensive research has been carried out on the effectiveness of regular training on employee satisfaction and productivity and all has shown that training is vital for the health and success of businesses. As such, having a professional onsite who can not only locate and research the best training methods but also facilitate and organise this training is beneficial to any business that use HR recruitment agencies.

Performance Management

One of the major elements of the HR professionals’ time is to devise performance management systems and then interpret the results. They can then ensure that those staff whose performance is above average are rewarded, thus ensuring their satisfaction, and work with those who may need assistance or disciplinary action. This can not only ensure that the business remains productive but also help to identify those workers who are not contributing to the business and who need to be removed.

Identifying Talent

Businesses are grown and strengthened by the staff they have, and although some manage to identify those talented individuals who are the managers and executives of the future, others can fail to notice them because of a lack of time or structure. However, having a HR professional means that these individuals are not only noticed but can be given the encouragement and training they need to reach their potential, and in the long run become a sought after asset for the company in question.


The businesses that are seen to fulfil the many examples already used are often seen as the “ones to work for” and as such they are successful in hiring the right staff. However, without the right HR professional to fulfil all of the points above the company may not send out the right image to potential employees and as such their entire business could stagnate.