Why Employers Should Use a Recruitment Agency
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Why Employers Should Use a Recruitment Agency

Even in times of financial crisis, when we are constantly told that there are more job seekers than jobs, finding the right employee to fulfil your HR jobs Hampshire can be a struggle: and many employers choose to go it alone.


However, there are some huge advantages to using a HR Recruitment Agency:


Where the Staff Go


The key to finding the right staff is to find out where they will go to find jobs. Whilst some entry level workers might go the Job Centre or online, those with a specialist skillset such as HR are more likely to register with a specialist HR Recruitment Agency when looking for HR jobs West Sussex.


For the employer who wishes to find the right HR Professional, then the solution is to give themselves the best possible chance of finding the staff.




Recruiting staff can be extremely expensive: advertising the vacancy with a variety of local and national media, spending time or paying a member of your team to assess applications and then adding the expense of actually recruiting and training a new member of staff. Many employers find that this is a potentially huge expense if they have no guarantee of success. However, some shy away from using an employment agency because they do not like the idea of paying for staff or recruitment, choosing instead to potentially waste a large sum on the wrong candidate. At least the companies who choose to use an agency have the benefit of knowing that their payment has been wisely invested.


Time Better Spent


Consider all of the things you have to do on a daily basis; from dealing with clients or customers to delegating tasks to and managing your employees. Then consider what would happen to your business if you were unable to perform those tasks because your focus was elsewhere. You may not realise just how much you do to contribute to your business until you consider not doing it. However, as you take valuable time away from those tasks to recruit your business could be severely hindered.


Finding the right candidates for any vacancy is a laborious process – with no guarantee of any success. However, with a recruitment agency working on your behalf to not only advertise the actual role but to assess and vet suitable candidates, the time and energy that you need to spend on finding and interviewing candidates is heavily reduced. In addition, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all unsuitable candidates will have been removed from the equation before you even see them as the recruitment company will have already assessed who could and won’t be an asset to your company and your HR department.