Tips to help businesses to keep their best staff during difficult economic times
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Tips to help businesses to keep their best staff during difficult economic times

During difficult economic times, businesses naturally often opt to cut staff to assist them in their financial success and even survival. However, businesses should be meticulous concerning what staff they cut – as, otherwise, they could inadvertently drop some crucial staff and, as a result, needlessly risk the financial success and even, in some cases, survival of the business. How can businesses seeking to cut staff identify what staff are their key staff and so shouldn’t be dropped? And, once they have done that, how can they effectively help to keep these staff? Below are what we at HR recruitment agency Elite HR consider especially useful tips.

Methods for identifying crucial staff

At various stages in the future, the staff that are considered crucial to a business might differ to the staff that were considered crucial to that business when it was founded. Furthermore, as a business changes and develops in response to a changing market, it can become more difficult to identify the crucial staff of that business. However, we recommend a particular exercise that a business can do to identify such staff whatever stage of development the business is at.

The exercise is wonderfully simple. It involves first producing a pen or pencil and a blank sheet of paper and then imagining that the business is being started all over again in today’s market. It then involves putting together an organisational chart demonstrating what the business should look like, including its crucial staff positions. Following this, it should be considered how the planned new business differs from the current business, plus what names should be filled in for the crucial staff positions and how these differ from the people currently thought the crucial staff of the business.

Making sure that key staff accept business changes

Naturally, a business owner is, from time to time, likely to want to make changes to the business to assist it in surviving and thriving. However, such changes are unlikely to stick and have long term successful results if the staff, especially the key staff, of that business do not support those changes. Some attempts at successful changes in businesses have failed due to key staff not supporting the proposed changes and preferring the old ways of working. Furthermore, the longer that a key member of staff has been working in a business, the more likely that they tend to be to favour old ways of working.

What this basically means is that any business owner seeking to make such changes should first work hard to gain support for those changes from the company’s crucial staff. This could involve them arranging a special meeting with these staff before explaining to them the proposed changes, why they reckon these changes have to be made and what they seek to achieve through these changes. Key staff could be more likely to support changes of filling in new HR jobs in Southampton, Portsmouth and Surrey if informed that these changes will be made with assistance from HR recruitment agency Elite HR.