The Benefits of being a Temporary Worker
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The Benefits of being a Temporary Worker

When looking for work, it’s often easy to overlook temporary jobs or give them a wide berth simply because you as an employee need stability. You may have bills and a mortgage to pay and therefore a role with no promises of a future may not be appealing. However, there are more benefits to using a HR recruitment agency for a temporary position than you might have previously considered:


1. Control


In a permanent and contracted role, the employee has little in the way of flexibility. They have set hours, specified holidays and the same tasks to manage on a daily basis. However with a temporary job, you could enjoy a great deal more freedom, not only in your daily duties but also in holidays, careers breaks and working hours.


2. The Joy of Change


Working at one company for a prolonged period of time can be uninspiring and boring. However, changing employer on a regular basis gives you the benefit of seeing a number of different methods in action. This means additional experience for you and more experience to add to your CV.


3. Networking


Within any role, but especially in the HR profession, it’s often more a case of who you know than what you know. Therefore, moving around, developing experience and gaining contacts within a wide range of quality employers could give you a huge advantage when it comes to finding a permanent role (should you choose to). You could even find that when the perfect HR jobs in Southampton become available, you’ll be headhunted.


4. The Best Introduction


When you present a CV or go for a job interview it’s generally accepted that you have only a limited time to make your mark and your best impression – and even then the employer may still see only a little of what you have to offer them. However, working on a temporary basis for the employer of your dreams could give you the best possible introduction as that employer has the benefit of seeing what you do on a daily basis and more importantly what you could do for them.


5. “Me” Time


Many people in long term careers find themselves taking their work home – either physically or simply by being unable to let go of issues at the end of the day. However, with a temporary job you have the peace of mind of knowing that as you leave the office at the end of the day the problems are not your responsibility. If you’ve been used to a high pressure environment this could be the perfect situation to allow you to assess why you got into HR in the first place.



6. Protection


One of the many common misconceptions about temporary workers is that they have no rights. However, with sickness and holiday pay now being a legal requirement as well as a right to expect the same working conditions as the permanent employers (right down to salary after an ongoing contract of 12 weeks), temporary workers have more rights than ever, as well as the many benefits.