Director of Operations
November 16, 2017

I would like to personally show my appreciation and feel that should bring to your attention the fantastic service in which I have received from Ann Oxley within your company.

I as a very senior manager within my industry have been used both personally and professionally in dealing with a great deal of agencies and have been left with sometimes a bitter taste in the lack of service by some of the high street or more well know organisations. I am pleased to say that the service right from the first telephone call with Ann has been absolutely refreshing.

From the very beginning I have felt that Ann has been looking out for my best interests at the same time as protecting professionally the interest of the client and has displayed a high level of professional integrity throughout what has been a lengthy process.

The most important point which I feel that should be recognised is that Ann has displayed a high level of patience and concern for myself, giving advice and checking for my understanding along the way of the process.

Finding the right move for me has been paramount for me in terms of my individual career progression now, ensuring that I will find the right role that will provide the right challenges and rewards was high on my agenda. I am very happy with my board appointment at Inchcape, being one of my favourites that were presented to me throughout.

Ann is an excellent advocate of your business; I would recommend your business and look forward to working together in the future.

Please pass on my sincere thanks, the service displayed should be commended.