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Tuesday 27th November 2012

Hello and welcome to another ebulletin from the team here at Pure Employment Law. We hope you are all avoiding disruption from the floods and keeping your feet dry!

This month is likely to go down in the history books as persistent rain has caused flooding and disruption all over the country. Employment law has also been deluged with the announcement of new family friendly rights as well as two new case judgments which could have an impact on employers. We also update you on other employment law changes and answer a frequently asked question about time off for dependants.

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Pure Quality!

We received an early Christmas present this year – we were ranked as a top tier firm in employment law in the latest edition of Chambers and Partners independent legal directory.

New family friendly rights announced

Nick Clegg was in the news this month announcing the intention to implement new family friendly rights by 2015. Read on to find out more about the details of his announcement.

Protection from discrimination on the grounds of political views

The European Court of Human Rights gives a judgment that potentially changes the legal landscape in the UK in regard to what constitutes a ‘philosophical belief’ under the Equality Act 2010.

Dismissing sick employees who have Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)

The Employment Appeal Tribunal rules in the case of Lloyd v BCQ Limited (2012) that employers can potentially lawfully dismiss an employee on the grounds of ill health, even when the employee has the benefit of PHI (provided the contract of employment is drafted carefully!).

FAQ: Time off for dependants – how much is reasonable?

We provide an answer to an employer’s question about the statutory right for employees to take reasonable time off to deal with unforeseen issues for their dependants.

Stakeholder pension designation

On 1 October 2012 the requirement for an employer who employs five or more employees to designate and facilitate access to a stakeholder pension scheme was abolished. This is paving the way for the phase in of pension auto-enrolment.

Two down – discrimination questionnaires & third party harassment

We start to see some outcomes from the many consultations issued by the Government this year. The latest responses confirm the Government intends to abolish two particular provisions in the Equality Act 2010. Read on to find out more.

Update on reservists

The Government has announced a consultation on the future of reservists. This article updates you on the proposals.

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