Perks that a company can offer to enhance and maintain employees' health
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Perks that a company can offer to enhance and maintain employees' health

In a blog post titled ‘Tackling employee obesity’, we pointed out how figures recently released by the Office of National Statistics reveal that reported levels of obesity in the UK have risen in the last two decades and that 24% – nearly a quarter – of the adult population is now considered obese. We also noted how a mere 29% of employees have reported receiving any advice for their health or healthy eating initiatives from their employers. This suggests that there is much that employers could do to promote healthier lifestyles in their employees – and we reckon that many employers could do this through offering perks that could help to enhance and maintain high levels of health in their employees. Examples of such perks are listed below.

Offer special ‘food days’ – with healthy food

Many people with HR jobs in Surrey, Southampton and Portsmouth have decided that employees at their businesseses could reap many benefits from special ‘food days’. Such days typically land on very particular days of the working week, such as Fridays, and involve employers giving their employees particular foods for free. Such days are often highly appealing to employees, as they can relax while still at work and don’t have to pay for their lunches. However, it ultimately remains an employer’s decision what foods they give their employees; hence, they can provide these employees with especially healthy foods and so encourage healthy lifestyles.

For employers and people with HR jobs in Southampton, Surrey or, indeed, anywhere else, they should be meticulous in discerning which foods are ‘healthy’. Some foods can have misleadingly ‘healthy’ reputations, so turning to nutritionists for advice could be wise for the above mentioned people.

Pay for employees’ gym memberships

Another treat that many companies give their employees is payment for their gym memberships. Many companies that use the services of HR recruitment agency Elite HR could start offering this, especially as paying the full cost of the memberships isn’t necessary. Even paying some of the cost of the memberships could prove surprisingly effective in helping a company’s employees, many of whom might have some but not all of the necessary disposable income to themselves fully pay for the memberships, to get fitter. HR jobs Hampshire and West Sussex owners who read all of this blog post could soon be sufficiently inspired to devise many other great ideas for perks that they could offer to help to improve employees’ fitness levels.