Human Resources and professional standards

For the many people who aren't fully aware of what goes into HR jobs Hampshire, the idea that such a large industry doesn't have set professional standards might sound rather odd. After all, the majority of industries and professions now have their own versions of professional standards, so the... read more »

Vince Cable rules out banning zero hours contracts

As many of the people who carry out HR jobs West Sussex and those who use HR recruitment agencies are aware, the current trend for zero hours contracts has been causing controversy of late. These contracts mean that whilst an employee is still classed as being employed, their employer doesn't... read more »

Age discrimination in the workplace

Age discrimination has been very much a part of the main news recently with the trial which saw racing pundit John McCirick suing Channel 4 for terminating his contract. They claimed it was due to his public image and their need for a change of style whilst he claimed... read more »

Tribunal action falls

One of the main functions of a human resources professional, and in turn one of the main benefits for an employer of advertising and making available HR jobs in Southampton is the management of conflicts. Whilst a Human Resources manager might be able to take a potentially volatile situation and... read more »

Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Research released by insurance and pension provider Friends Life has revealed that some 5 million workers have taken absence from work in the last year due to stress.   The research further revealed that of all of the age categories, it is young workers, aged 18 – 24 who are most... read more »

London Named Top for Talent

In news that may surprise, and possibly even anger those looking for HR jobs in Southampton, London has been found to be the world’s best city when it comes to high skilled knowledge based jobs and employees.   The research which was carried out by Deloitte named London as the “Talent... read more »

CIPD Launch New Framework

The last few weeks have seen the CIPD Annual Conference taking place, and as expected there has been an outpouring of news, recommendations and amendments to policy.   Whilst it’s likely that many of these changes will do little to affect the way that HR jobs in Portsmouth work or the... read more »

Why Human Resources are Vital for Business

The concept of Human Resources is often forgotten or mistaken to the point that many smaller businesses do not see the need for a HM professional or department in their organisation. However, this could be a large and ultimately very costly mistake on their part as there are a number... read more »

Employment Law Changes

The majority of HR professionals are aware that 2013 has seen dramatic changes within UK employment law. They will know that the majority of these have occurred throughout June, July and September, and will also be aware that further changes were introduced on 1 October 2013. Their role within their... read more »

Common Factors in Disciplinary Meetings

Chairing and facilitating disciplinary meetings is one of the main elements of the role of a HR professional, and is also one of the main things the role is famed for. A recent study took place discussing the main reasons for disciplinary meetings and the most common factors raised. The results... read more »

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