Perks that a company can offer to enhance and maintain employees' health

In a blog post titled 'Tackling employee obesity', we pointed out how figures recently released by the Office of National Statistics reveal that reported levels of obesity in the UK have risen in the last two decades and that 24% - nearly a quarter - of the adult population... read more »

Conference in Saudi Arabia could inspire UK human resources improvements

The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia was recently the setting of what was called the 'Thomas International Middle East - 3rd Annual Conference'. The event was held by globally renowned provider of human resources assessment and development services Thomas International UK and news of the... read more »

Tips to help businesses to keep their best staff during difficult economic times

During difficult economic times, businesses naturally often opt to cut staff to assist them in their financial success and even survival. However, businesses should be meticulous concerning what staff they cut - as, otherwise, they could inadvertently drop some crucial staff and, as a result, needlessly risk the financial... read more »

UK working days lost to sickness fall to all-time low in 2013

Last year, there were 131 million times when someone in the UK took a day off work due to sickness. This is the most enlightening - to HR jobs West Sussex providers, among many other organisations - statistic that was recently revealed by the Office for National Statistics and... read more »

Unpaid Internships exploiting young workers

Whilst many of the issues which affect HR jobs in Southampton are given blanket media coverage, such as the minimum wage and the zero hours contracts, there are some which are given comparatively little. One of these is the issue of internships, and specifically the news that one in four... read more »

CIPD urges productivity focus for government's upcoming Budget

The professional association for human resource management professionals called the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – or, in shorthand, as CIPD – has urged the government to announce policies that can drive up the country’s productivity levels and so revitalise its economy. To be more precise, the body... read more »

Benefits of Working in Human Resources

The majority of people who enter a career in Human Resources do so because that is their ambition and they are aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of the career choice. Just as many people enter the career by “accidentally” getting an entry level job in human resources and... read more »

The importance of vocational skills

The majority of workers with NVQ and BTEC qualifications will already be aware of the many benefits their hard work at earning the qualification brings to them. However, a recent study has shown that increasing numbers of employers also agree that vocational skills and qualifications are just as important... read more »

Job vacancy rate hits 15 year high

Ever since the start of the economic downturn, there have been persistent media reports about the lack of jobs and the instability for those who do have employment. However, for those seeking work or HR jobs Hampshire, the end of 2013 is celebrated with some good news on the jobs... read more »

Tackling employee obesity

If the constant media attention to the growing problem of obesity within the UK didn't do enough to drive the message home then recent figures released by the Office of National Statistics which shows that reported levels of obesity have risen in the last 20 years, should be enough... read more »

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