What is the Global Human Resources Forum?

If you have a decent degree of experience with the world –not just within the UK, but taking account of the actual world –of human resources, you are probably familiar with what is known as the Global Human Resources Forum. But how familiar exactly? You might have a certain... read more »

Financial institution Emirates Islamic appoints new female Head of Human Resources

The United Arab Emirates is clearly an economically thriving country; it has the Arab world's second biggest economy, has been rated the world's 14th best nation for doing business and is home to Abu Dhabi, which CNN has dubbed the planet's richest city. However, effective use of human resources... read more »

The implications of an "ageless workforce" for HR

It seems likely that many people currently working in the UK will continue to do so until they die - not, as some might expect, out of necessity, but simply out of desire. A study recently carried out by The Future Consultancy has concluded that many of the country's... read more »

Tips for making a workplace romance work

Cupid's arrow can strike in many unexpected places, but can any good come out of it happening in the workplace? We can't speak for any other recruitment agencies; however, at Elite HR, we would cautiously say 'yes'... provided that you stick to some particular conditions. Have you have recently... read more »

Workplace stress found to be shortening women's lifespan

To what extent does stress adversely affect the human body? It isn't easy to see except with analysis of long term trends, which has recently been carried out through a robust study. The most startling discovery made by this study is that work and life pressures are adversely affecting... read more »

London and other European cities popular with the world's job seekers

London is often called the best city in the world – and, indeed, it seems that many of the planet's job seekers would agree, at least as far as employment prospects there are concerned. As part of a study conducted globally by the Boston Consulting Group, job seekers most... read more »

CIPD survey reveals that starting salaries remain stagnant in the UK

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has recently conducted a survey revealing that starting salaries are still stagnant in the UK. To be more precise, the survey revealed that a mere 2% of employers gave an above-inflation salary increase to new employees in the last year. This statistic... read more »

Chairman of committee of UAE postal operator calls HR "the real capital"

We at one of the most highly regarded HR recruitment agencies operating along the South Coast, Elite HR, like to regularly emphasise the importance of effective human resources. Indeed, many companies can go a long way towards enhancing their HR simply by effectively filling HR jobs in Southampton, Portsmouth... read more »

Indian politician Anandi Patel launches software to improve Gujarat human resources

There are many different ways in which human resources can be enhanced, as many companies that have filled junior and senior HR jobs with assistance from Elite HR have discovered. Many of these ways can involve use of special software - and it seems that a high profile Indian... read more »

Bahrain's great progress in human resources development highlighted

The small island country of Bahrain, located close to the western shores of the Persian Gulf, is undoubtedly an economically successful country. Evidence of this includes the high number of significant financial structures in the country's capital city of Manama and Bahrain's high Human Development Index, which is ranked... read more »

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