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Over half of UK's HR professionals proactive to ensure employees' mental wellbeing

As one of the most highly regarded HR recruitment agencies operating in the south of England, we are proud of our work and record in helping many companies to improve their use of human resources. We can do that though not only helping companies to find high quality candidates... read more »

'HR magazine' makes intriguing predictions about human resources in 2015

Do you have a good idea of what will happen in the world in 2015? Well, the fun adventure film 'Back to the Future, Part II' made clear its own idea more than a quarter of a century ago, and many of its predictions seem pretty sensible now -... read more »

Egypt's government planning to move public workers' affairs to HR management

Think of Egypt and you probably immediately picture Cleopatra, pyramids and mummies. This is testament to the amazing and long history of that northeast African country, but it can also lead many people to unjustly overlook what is happening in modern Egypt. As one of the leading recruitment agencies... read more »

New laws introduced to force Japanese workers to take more time off

We at the recruitment agency Elite HR would recommend that you are careful to regularly consider the importance of your company's employees taking the appropriate number of holidays. By 'appropriate', we mean sufficient for them to recharge their batteries and so return to work feeling enthusiastic and reenergised. We... read more »

HR could help boost number of female CEOs in the FTSE 100, says UK HR leader

People with senior HR jobs can implement foundations and behaviours in their companies to help make a noticeable increase in the number of female CEOs in the FTSE 100. Anyway, that's a stance recently publicly taken by a crucial figure in the world of human resources: James Martin, who... read more »

Company operating in Bahrain emphasises focus on human resources

The country with the official name of the Kingdom of Bahrain has very likely benefitted from a strong focus on human resources. Why 'very likely'? Because the country, which is an archipelago located to the east of Saudi Arabia and the north of Iran, has greatly thrived economically. Many... read more »

HR director at The Walt Disney Company reveals much about company ethos

What can be learnt about human resources from the company that gave the world Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and, er... Foghorn Leghorn? Oh, no, wait, he isn't Disney, he's Looney Tunes. Anyway, the answer to the above question is: a surprisingly large amount! Kattie Capozza, the Director of Human... read more »

Importance of human resources recently emphasised in Saudi Arabia

We like to work hard to help many companies in the UK and Europe to place suitable people in both junior and senior HR jobs, as we believe that human resources is crucial to the growth of businesses in many different sectors. Indeed, we reckon that this importance is... read more »

CIPD and United Arab Emirates government reveal promising new collaboration

We certainly highly esteem the CIPD, an organisation responsible for qualifications that many of our experienced consultants hold. Furthermore, we think that the corporate future of the Persian Gulf country of the United Arab Emirates looks promising, particularly as the country already has the Arab world's second largest economy.... read more »

First British standard for human resources practice released

The British Standards Institution has recently released a draft of the first ever British standard for human resources practice - and called for HR professionals to provide feedback on it. This draft standard, public feedback on which can be given until January 2015, has been put together by a... read more »

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