London Named Top for Talent
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London Named Top for Talent

In news that may surprise, and possibly even anger those looking for HR jobs in Southampton, London has been found to be the world’s best city when it comes to high skilled knowledge based jobs and employees.


The research which was carried out by Deloitte named London as the “Talent Capital” of the world, basing their research on the number of people within the city who have high knowledge levels and use these for skilled roles. For a comparison, the number of skilled workers within London was capped at 1.5million whilst New York surprisingly had a smaller number of 1.2million. Los Angeles boasted 784,000 skilled workers whilst Hong Kong had only 630,000.


Deloitte conducted their survey looking at 22 high skilled sectors, which included digital media, legal services, publishing, education, accountancy and banking and found that of those 22, London led the way in 12 categories.


The study also predicted growth within the capital which is likely not only to be of interest to the HR professionals seeking work but also those seeking HR professionals both inside and outside of the city.


Additional Growth


Suggesting that a further 300,000 jobs could be made real in the capital by 2020, the company identified that at least 100,000 of these would be in the high skilled sectors which would have a phenomenal effect on wealth and income within the city.


The London Senior Partner of Deloitte Angus Knowles-Cutler discussed the survey and the results, saying “This study demonstrates London’s power in the global economy. It is a desirable and diverse city in which to work, allowing it to attract the very best of British and international talent. Indeed, our city’s highly skilled talent might be one of our greatest invisible exports.”


Coping with the Influx


One of the major considerations for any business or HR professional operating in the capital at the moment is to how to deal with the influx of talent which is likely to arise if Deloitte’s predictions turn out to be accurate.


Deloitte themselves made the recommendation that a chief talent officer is appointed. This person would be an employee of the Greater London Authority and would have the role of not only welcoming and facilitating the employment of highly skilled workers to the capital but also in strengthening the links between business, education and housing to ensure that all needs were catered for.


Kit Malthouse, deputy mayor for business and enterprise at the Greater London Authority (GLA), discussed the proposals and the results of the study and commented: “Great cities rise and fall by attracting – or failing to attract – talented, skilled people. London has long been a magnet for talented individuals and has also nurtured native-born talent through the excellence of its universities, colleges and on-the-job opportunities.However, we cannot take its continuing eminence for granted. The global economy is dynamic, and we have to constantly refresh and adapt our workforce’s skills in order to remain competitive.”