Human Resources and professional standards
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Human Resources and professional standards

For the many people who aren’t fully aware of what goes into HR jobs Hampshire, the idea that such a large industry doesn’t have set professional standards might sound rather odd. After all, the majority of industries and professions now have their own versions of professional standards, so the prospect of HR being exempt sounds rather odd in comparison.

However, a movement from the United States is pushing, and pushing heavily, for those who enter into HR jobs in Surrey to adhere to professional standards.

The introduction

coming from the United States, the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) developed the SHRM (the Society of Human Resource Management) in 2009 and since that time, organisations such as the International Organisations for Standardization has pushed for SHRM to become a global standard for HR recruitment agencies and professionals alike.

Since their inception, SHRM have been responsible for the introduction of a number of policies which they hope will form the initial parts of international standards for Human Resources. These include cost per hire, workplace violence prevention and intervention and performance management.

However whilst SHRM has enjoyed some success, it also has many critics who have claimed that the introduction of professional standards would  place “unnecessary bureaucratic burdens on companies”.

Deb Cohen, the Senior Vice-President of Knowledge Development agrees that feedback has been mixed but says the organisation and their aims will push ahead anyway, “”It’s a long process, but creating standards for the profession is part of the bylaws for SHRM,” she says. “What you’re looking for is to have an agreed way of doing something, agreed by people who know the industry and the needs of the organisations they work for. Even though there are different laws and cultures in different countries, I’d say about 80% of HR is HR, whether you’re in the US, India or the UK.”

Defining standards

One of the main issues with the introduction of a global professional standard within Human Resources is that few people can agree on what exactly is meant by a standard. Different companies and individuals have their own opinion and when the standards to be introduced are suggested on a global scale, it’s understandable that many want to ensure they fully agree on what is being introduced.

However, research has indicated that the introduction of standards within HR jobs West Sussex could not only improve the entire industry but could also be extremely profitable. A report from 2005 by the Department for Trade and Industry showed that standards can be responsible for contributing up to £2.5billion to the economy.