Weekly Update from Sarah Holmes

Well it’s been another full-on, hectic week here at Elite HR and it started in the most amazing way when Jane and I met with a client for a lunchtime catch up.  We ended up with a new job role to fill and a lovely pizza lunch too!  We even managed to line up a number of interviewees for our client whilst our stomachs were still full!

Thanks to our links to the ‘Shaping Portsmouth’ group, Justine and I were invited to attend the Portsmouth City Council Budget Breakfast Briefing at the Guildhall last week. Although not, perhaps, the most diverse group of contributors, it was still an interesting session with attendees giving their views on potential areas of spend to follow the Chancellor’s budget proposals.

Justine and I were also able to drag our colleague Mary-Jane along to the iCan training session that followed.  iCan is a training programme for career development/progression and I will share more information on this exciting opportunity in the weeks to come.

As I’ve already mentioned, the week was generally busy with lots of interviews being arranged and, excitingly, a number of offers being made too.  We’re finding it such a candidate driven market at present, with many candidates receiving more than just the one job offer in our experience.   I have been looking at this subject recently and found a great CIPD podcast on what companies can do to attract the best talent (follow this link https://www.cipd.co.uk/podcasts/attracting-brighest-best-people).  It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this subject – or on any other subject to be honest!

Jane and I also spent time registering candidates in Havant over the last week, and we should take this opportunity to remind you that we are ALWAYS willing to come to you so do please get in touch if you’d like to meet for a coffee and a chat. It’s all confidential too of course!

I want to finish this weeks’ update with a word from a satisfied Elite HR customer as it’s always great to receive positive feedback:

“Thanks so much, ladies, for your time.  Meeting you both was a very positive experience and I really liked the personal touch.  It’s been a long time since agency candidate management impressed me!”

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