Over half of UK’s HR professionals proactive to ensure employees’ mental wellbeing

As one of the most highly regarded HR recruitment agencies operating in the south of England, we are proud of our work and record in helping many companies to improve their use of human resources. We can do that though not only helping companies to find high quality candidates for their HR jobs in Surrey and other places, but also providing these companies with advice in blog posts that we have written. In this blog post, we advise many HR staffers in the UK to follow the lead of more than half of the country’s HR professionals – who, according to research recently conducted by PMI Health Group, are proactive to ensure good mental health in workers.


Many encouraging figures concerning mental health in the workplace

Figures indicate that 52% of the 212 surveyed HR professionals now, on a regular basis, engage with their companies’ staff in order to gain a perception of their mental health. Meanwhile, 78% of these professionals have reported their policy of informally chatting to an employee if they think that they may have mental health problems. A mere 7% reported that, if they thought the same thing, they would not act and instead just wait for the employee to approach them first.

On the subject of addressing uncovered mental health issues, 43% of the respondents said that they direct suffering employees to a counselling helpline, while another 37% revealed that they have such employees referred to an occupational health service. 27% reported that they would recommend a suffering employee to pay their GP a visit, and some of the professionals said that they turned to a combination of the above mentioned tools for addressing poor mental health.


However, there certainly remains room for improvement

Though the above figures are largely encouraging, 56% of the survey’s respondents also said that their companies’ management were not even offered training or recommendations concerning techniques that could be used to lower stress in the workplace. This situation should be looked at more closely, because the mental health charity Mind has said that stress leads a fifth of workers to take days off. Our team of experienced consultants are CIPD-qualified and can help your company to find people who can work in your company’s human resources department and, in this capacity, indeed look at the situation more closely. From Elite HR, your company in southern England can confidently expect services of elite quality.

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