‘HR magazine’ makes intriguing predictions about human resources in 2015

Do you have a good idea of what will happen in the world in 2015? Well, the fun adventure film ‘Back to the Future, Part II’ made clear its own idea more than a quarter of a century ago, and many of its predictions seem pretty sensible now – even if hover-boards and flying cars remain far from commonplace. Anyway, more to the point, are you confident about what will occur in the area of human resources in 2015? As a recruitment agency concerned with assisting with filling HR jobs in Southampton, Portsmouth and nearby places, we are intrigued by predictions recently made by the editor of ‘HR magazine’, Arvind Hickman.


If this year promises one thing for HR it is change”

This year certainly seems set to be an exciting one for human resources – and, indeed, for the UK generally, considering that a general election is mere months away. With a wonderful straightforwardness befitting of the editor of a publication with the self-explanatory name of ‘HR magazine’, Hickman has declared: “If this year promises one thing for HR – it is change.”


The effect of the good performance of the economy

He has noted that the growth rate that the UK is predicted to have experienced in 2014 – 3% – is higher than that of any of the other G7 economies. Meanwhile, the country’s predicted growth rate for 2015 is pretty similar at 2.7%, and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation has reported that the jobs market is at its strongest since before the recession. Implications of this, Hickman has said, include that talent will move more, pay will be further inflated and many HR directors will remain eager to find and keep hold of the appropriate skills to make growth possible. This, he has added, will mean greater importance for a strong employer brand.


There’s a general election coming up quite soon…

The general election will, naturally, hold great importance for businesses and, as a result, those companies’ employees in HR jobs in Surrey, Hampshire and other places where Elite HR help to effectively match people to jobs in human resources. The election will be particularly crucial for people who work in the public sector, as the Conservatives and Labour have different views concerning best practice for spending public money. So, what party will actually win the election? That’s one question that ‘Back to the Future, Part II’ sadly never even attempted to answer…

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