HR director at The Walt Disney Company reveals much about company ethos

What can be learnt about human resources from the company that gave the world Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and, er… Foghorn Leghorn? Oh, no, wait, he isn’t Disney, he’s Looney Tunes. Anyway, the answer to the above question is: a surprisingly large amount! Kattie Capozza, the Director of Human Resources South East Asia and Learning & Organizational Development South Asia at The Walt Disney Company, has been quoted on the HR news website Human Resources Online revealing much about her company’s work ethos and how it helps it to thrive.


This is just part of our DNA!”

The Walt Disney Company has been responsible for a huge number of characters and stories that have provoked wonder around the world. Now, it has emerged that the company’s Singapore office, where Capozza works, aims to provoke such wonder in its workers. Capozza has emphasised the importance of the corporate environment for inspiring and enabling the corporate culture, before noting: “Our stories revolve around key values like fun, family, community, and optimism. These values are equally important in our work culture along with a focus on creativity and innovation. This is just part of our DNA!”


Our team members have great pride in our brand”

One word that plenty of people would confidently use to describe a lot of the most loved Disney characters and stories is: colourful. Capozza has observed that the walls of what her company calls “the Sandcrawler building” in Singapore are adorned with “colourful images of our heritage and stars”. She has enthused: “Our team members have great pride in our brand and the environment provides a constant reminder of what we have accomplished as a team.”


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All of this is what seems to work for The Walt Disney Company in Singapore… but what would Capozza recommend other companies do? She has said that each brand “has a core appeal for its internal and external stakeholders”, before stating that it is important for a business “to ensure that [its] employee brand and consumer brand are connected”.

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