Egypt’s government planning to move public workers’ affairs to HR management

Think of Egypt and you probably immediately picture Cleopatra, pyramids and mummies. This is testament to the amazing and long history of that northeast African country, but it can also lead many people to unjustly overlook what is happening in modern Egypt. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in southern England, Elite HR reckons that your company could even learn more about human resources from looking at Egypt. We were particularly intrigued to learn recently that the country’s system of public workers’ affairs is set to move to HR after March.


Egypt minister: “programmes budgeting raises the efficiency of spending dramatically”

The news was revealed by Ashraf El-Araby, the Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform in the government of what is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. In a speech he made at a workshop on the subject of shifting public workers’ affairs to HR management, the minister revealed the government’s dissatisfaction with Egypt’s administrative system and said that politicians knew where the system was going wrong. However, the planned change seems likely to improve this situation, as El-Araby has said that “programmes budgeting raises the efficiency of spending dramatically and directs it to the right sector”.

He explained that the government is planning for an electronic system that will have affiliation to his own ministry and involve project owners indicating how far they have progressed with a project after they have achieved a mission. He warned that, as a result of the new system, financial expenditure “will be halted if there was negligence from any official entity until the entity solves the issue and punishes those accountable”. Ultimately, he declared, the new legislation for planning will lead to a single unified system for planning.


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This plan of the government of Egypt is just one example of ways in which HR can be put to great use around the globe. We intend to continue reporting on developments in human resources in different countries, as we reckon that they could give your company fresh inspiration for how to better its own use of HR. Your company could also enhance its use of human resources by turning to services of Elite HR. We thoroughly enjoy assisting with matching of promising candidates to HR jobs Hampshire and Surrey businesses, plus many other businesses nearby, want to fill.

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