Company operating in Bahrain emphasises focus on human resources

The country with the official name of the Kingdom of Bahrain has very likely benefitted from a strong focus on human resources. Why ‘very likely’? Because the country, which is an archipelago located to the east of Saudi Arabia and the north of Iran, has greatly thrived economically. Many significant financial structures operate there and it has been recognised as a high income economy by the World Bank. Effective use of human resources has almost certainly helped to make all of this possible. Furthermore, it seems that such use of HR will continue in Bahrain – at least judging from comments recently made by the chief executive of Aluminium Bahrain.


A company that seriously focuses on “safety and people”

Tim Murray, the chief executive of the company often referred to simply as Alba, has described HR development as critical and said that his company greatly emphasises its people. He said this when addressing the Arabal conference in the country, when he also described his company as being “in the people business” before noting that Bahraini people make up 87% of its staff. He cited “safety and people” as his company’s major concerns.


Notable HR policies being carried out by Alba

Murray outlined several specific human resources policies that Alba is enacting. He pointed out, for example, that women are being handed more roles of responsibility in the company, with one woman made boss of training and another female placed in charge of Alba’s Middle East arm. This arm is responsible for 70% of the total business of Aluminium Bahrain. Other HR policies that the company is carrying out and Murray publicly noted include its creation of a culture in which staff read for a minimum of fifteen minutes every day, plus its teaching of teamwork and coaching and its exhortation of people to dream further.


Many companies and individuals could learn from Alba

Though you may have found reading the above story interesting, what relevance does it have for either a business seeking to find great people for junior or senior HR jobs or an individual seeking one of the great HR jobs Hampshire companies and companies in other areas of the UK and Europe offer? Well, it shows ways in which companies and individuals could improve their performances in human resources. Even companies with staff who have undergone CIPD training could continue to learn from HR policies of companies operating elsewhere on the planet.

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