Conference in Saudi Arabia could inspire UK human resources improvements
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Conference in Saudi Arabia could inspire UK human resources improvements

The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia was recently the setting of what was called the ‘Thomas International Middle East – 3rd Annual Conference’. The event was held by globally renowned provider of human resources assessment and development services Thomas International UK and news of the event could inspire many UK companies to take up new strategies for improving their human resources operations. Such companies could, for example, improve HR management through using HR assessment tools, the conference’s central theme which was introduced by one of the attendees, Mr. Mosfer Al Wadee, Consulting Manager at Prime HR Solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Are some UK companies overlooking HR assessment tools?

In a welcoming speech, Al Wadee explained that numerous organisations globally have used such assessment tools to enhance their processes in areas including recruitment, performance management, development and employee retention. For this reason, such tools are becoming more accepted by Middle East organisations. We at Elite HR believe that there could be many UK organisations that are insufficiently aware of the benefits that HR assessment tools could bring them and so could benefit from learning, as was detailed in this conference in Saudi Arabia, how use of such tools has brought about improvements in human resources operations.

Three crucial speakers explain usefulness of HR assessment tools

Introduced at the conference were three speakers who later revealed how HR assessment tools use had brought about such improvements. These speakers were Mr. Rod Cornwell, International Managing Director of Thomas International UK assessment services; Dr. Abdulaziz Ismail, Executive Director of Tmkeen Co in Saudi Arabia; and Mr. Michael Mamish, Executive Director of Ernst & Young in Saudi Arabia.

Cornwell explained that HR assessment tools can effectively assist in enhancing processes of recruitment and performance management; to be more precise, he pointed out how such tools can be useful at various stages necessary for employing high quality staff. These stages mentioned by Cornwell included candidate attraction and selection, candidate short listing and talent management. Ismail drew attention to how use of such tools can considerably improve processes in training and development, including appraisals and annual reviews. Mamish agreed with the other two speakers that such tools can be used to bring effective enhancements in recruitment, performance management and training processes. He also noted that use of HR assessment tools helped in employee retention.

Many UK companies could improve their HR processes

The conference finished with Al Wadee thanking each of the distinguished speakers for helping to make it greatly successful. Al Wadee could take even greater pride in the conference if, as we hope, it leads many UK companies to notice how using HR assessment tools could greatly benefit them.

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