Common Factors in Disciplinary Meetings
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Common Factors in Disciplinary Meetings

Chairing and facilitating disciplinary meetings is one of the main elements of the role of a HR professional, and is also one of the main things the role is famed for.

A recent study took place discussing the main reasons for disciplinary meetings and the most common factors raised.

The results are not only interesting to those looking for HR jobs Hampshire but also to the employees who wish to avoid disciplinary action wherever possible.

1. General misconduct

Of all those people surveyed, some 93% reported that the most common issue raised as a reason for a disciplinary meeting was “general misconduct”, which one might assume would mean general lack of productivity or rebuttal of rules.

2. Poor performance/capability

87% of the people surveyed suggested that a lack of ability or performance was the second most common reason for a disciplinary meeting and many reported that these meetings were frequent occurrences in their workplace.

3. Poor timekeeping and Attendance

Reliability and timekeeping has long been cited as one of the most important factors for an employer and the fact that 59% of employees report it as an occasion that arises on a regular basis only goes to prove its’ importance. In addition, many reported that unauthorised absence or frequent illness was also raised frequently in disciplinary meetings.

4. Misuse of email, internet or social media

As a relatively new element of disciplinary meetings, many employers report that social media use or misuse is a growing problem for them, and is one of the subjects they ask those applying for HR jobs in Surrey to monitor. In addition, 58% of employers asked in the survey reported that they had taken their staff through disciplinary proceedings as a result of their misuse of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or email.

5. Bullying and harassment

Although many might have expected this to be higher on the list, it is still telling that 56% of the respondents confirmed that bullying or harassment were the reasons for disciplinary action in their workplace.


6. Theft or fraud

Frighteningly, over half of employers reported that they had held meetings as the result of theft or fraud but luckily only 2% confirmed that this was a regular occurrence.


7. Health and safety


As a vital element of any workplace, health and safety was always going to appear on the list but with only 49% of employers reporting occasional meetings for breaches of health and safety, the number of employees complying with the legislation is better than expected.


8. Discrimination


Despite much speculation in the media to the contrary, disciplinary action as the result of discrimination is the least common issue likely to be discussed in meetings with only 19% of employers reporting needing to call meetings as a result of it happening.