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Making sure that we truly understand what our Candidates want in their future career, as well as having a real appreciation of what they have achieved, is vital. Having a thorough understanding of your career needs and aspirations is our number one priority and enables us to help you make the right career move.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, or you are a seasoned professional with many years experience in HR or Training, our team of experienced and qualified Consultants are best placed to help you.

When we have a suitable opportunity that matches your criteria, we will contact you to discuss the vacancy in detail. We will then submit your CV to the Client with your full knowledge and when you have given us permission to do so. We will keep you updated on all progress and give you valuable feedback at the appropriate times.

Once we have secured a position for you, we are able to help you settle into your new role by offering a Post Placement Mentoring service, conducted by an independent qualified Consultant for the first few months in your new role. This can be a useful support function whilst you are finding your feet in a new environment.

Ensuring that we are there for you at every stage of the process is part of our commitment to you, always there to offer support and advice whenever needed is our promise to you.

Continuing Professional Development

Please refer to our links page for contact details of colleges and universities in the Wessex area where you can study for CIPD qualifications, Masters programmes or other study as part of your CPD. Follow this link for our links page.


Top Tips for Successful Interviewing

Research the organisationListen carefully to questions
Think about likely questions you will be askedFocus on what you can do for the employer
Quantify your achievementsBe aware of your weak spots
Give examples to illustrate your assertionsMake sure you can explain why you want to work for the organisation
Prepare questions to ask

Building Rapport with the Interviewers

Remember to focus on both what you say and how you say itKeep in mind that first impressions really do count
Demonstrate that you can listen to the interviewerUse body language to good effect
Be ready to make small talk

Be Ready for Common Questions

Tell us a bit about yourselfWhat do you know about our company
Why do you want to work for usWhy are you looking to leave your current job
Why should we hire youWhat are your strengths
What are your weaknessesDo you have any questions for us