Build a Brand and Keep Staff
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Build a Brand and Keep Staff

Looking at some of the words’ biggest companies and the way they have built their brand is often used as a motivating technique and a guide to “getting it right” for smaller businesses. Many are aware that building a brand is essential to their success in their chosen field.

However, as they’re busy building their business brand, many may forget that they also need to build a brand as an employer too. There are a number of reasons why this is the case:

What is an Employee Brand?

Whether they appear on the ‘Sunday Times Best Places to Work For’ list, or simply have a good reputation in their local area, there are certain businesses that fare better than others for their reputation as an employer. It may be that they are a small firm with only a handful of employees or they may be a global conglomerate like Google but reputation can not only ensure that highly skilled professionals want to work with them and will fight (figuratively) in order to do so but also that the staff they have are more likely to stay with them. In turn, long term quality staff leads to long term productivity and business success. Therefore, a reputation as the right kind of employer or having a strong employer brand means success for the business involved.

Improving the Employer Brand

For many companies the first step to building a successful brand is to start with the right management team. This means having managers in place who support the business and their endeavours as far as building the brand is concerned. They should fit the company ethos and ensure that staff are recruited and trained to uphold this ethos. From the HR jobs West Sussex, down to departmental managers, every manager should know exactly what the goals of the company are and the reasons for this. Once they are aware of this they can start to pass this information onto the employees.

Communication is also essential in brand building. Only with the right communication, instructions and motivation from the business owner or directors can the rest of the workforce realise their role in building the brand. Different businesses communicate in different ways depending on their organisation, size and geography, so whilst some might call regular meetings and see their staff face to face, others might not be able to do this as it is impractical to do so. As a result, they may choose to use memos or conference calls in order to communicate their wishes to their management team who can then filter said information down to the staff.

Of course, the key to any business success is in the staff. Finding the right staff and using attractive salaries, bonuses, rewards and training in order to keep them is the biggest key in building an employer brand as this is what future or potential employees will use as a guide to tell them whether the business in question deserves their loyalty. The huge advantage to having the right HR person in place at the start of the brand building is that they can be essential at this juncture. However, if the business has no HR person then they should be the top of their list of priorities as an important element of HR jobs Portsmouth is to assess and evaluate the role in question, find the right person for that job and ensure that their time in employment is productive and rewarded appropriately. They can also ensure that any conflicts which could undermine the brand, any “bad apples” among the good staff can be identified and dealt with accordingly and ensure that existing staff remain satisfied within their role.